Jordan Campus – Salt Lake Community College


Re-Commissioning/Capital Upgrades


Salt Lake Community College’s Jordan Campus consists of five campus buildings and a single central utility distribution plant providing hot and chilled water, all of which was built in the last fifteen years.  At the onset of the project, central HVAC equipment was running excessively and in some cases continuously, including the chilled water plant which operated all throughout the winter.  SOLARC was brought in, as an electric utility consultant, to initiate a yearlong comprehensive Re-Commissioning effort of the campus HVAC equipment and systems.


To identify initial energy conservation measures, multiple site visits were spent documenting equipment info and operating characteristics, as well as reviewing building automation system historical trends.  This led to a savings and incentive report being generated which outlined the proposed measures and included calculated estimates of the associated implementation costs, annual energy savings, and available electric utility incentives.The report was presented with both facilities management and building operators in attendance in order to define the most suitable implementation approach for the college, as well as to ensure that the operational changes were understood and would persist.  SOLARC then developed a series of detailed scope of work documents to assist the college both with their internal staff’s implementation efforts, as well as with the processes of acquiring bids and hiring an outside controls contractor.  Monthly work sessions with the energy project team and SOLARC helped to keep the project on track, as well as address any issues or changes needing to be made to the operational measures being implemented. By analyzing trend data and doing spot checks, verification was performed as the individual measures were completed.  Energy savings tracking was done throughout the process of implementation, utilizing historical utility data to create a weather normalized baseline for comparison to the actual utility bills.


A savings and verification report was published at the conclusion of the project which summarized the achieved deliverables and any changes to what was represented in the original report.  The report also detailed the actual verified annual energy and cost savings, the realized implementation costs, and the actual incentive amount to be paid by the utility.


Project Summary


- Campus size:  400,000 sq. ft.

- Incremental annual electric energy savings: 994,175 kWh

- Incremental annual energy cost savings: $60,059

- Utility incentive: $19,883


Commissioning measures identified and implemented:


- Optimize control of central plant

- Modify HAVC equipment operating schedules

- Re-commission air handling units

- Optimize zone level airflow and temperature setpoints