Salem Keiser Audits  – Salem Keiser School District – Salem, Oregon


Energy Analysis / SB 1149 School Energy Audits


Solarc has conducted numerous energy audits on individual schools and systems within the Salem Keiser school district.  Auditing efforts have involved three phases of work.  These audits were done for the Senate Bill 1149 (SB1149) program administered by the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE). The SB1149 program collects a portion of the 3% public purpose charge from Portland General Electric (PGE) and PacifiCorp customers to help schools implement energy efficiency upgrades.


In the initial phase, Solarc teamed up with the Salem Keiser School District and the Lane Community College Energy Management Program to perform audits on (7) Elementary and Middle Schools in Salem, Oregon.  Solarc employees were teamed with student interns from the Energy Management Program to perform these audits.  The goal of these audits was not only to provide Salem Keizer School District with quality energy analysis to acquire SB1149 funding for energy projects but also to help teach the future energy professionals with real world experience.


In follow-up phases of work, Solarc worked directly with the district to conduct audits on individual HVAC units at Sprague High School, and conduct target audits for energy efficiency elements within bond-funded improvement projects at Candalaria Elementary School, Englewood Elementary School, Hoover Elementary School, Kennedy Elementary School, Stephens Middle School, Waldo Middle School, and McNary High School.


Project Summary (Initial phase)


Schools audited: Grant Elementary, Highland Elementary, Morningside Elementary, Salem

Heights Elementary, Sweagle Elementary, Hoover Elementary, and Judson Middle School.

Combined school area:  409,392 sq.ft.

Annual energy savings identified: 5,341MMBTUs

Overall energy use reduction: 27%

Annual energy cost savings: $65,782


Energy Efficiency Strategies Identified


  • Envelope upgrades including attic insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation and new high performance windows
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades including existing system retrofits and upgraded controls.
  • Condensing water heating upgrades
  • Replacement of CRT monitors
  • Insulating of steam piping
  • Vending machine occupancy controls
  • HVAC controls replacement
  • HVAC system replacement and upgrades
  • Retro-Commissioning opportunities included thermostat setpoints, schedule adjustments and chiller and boiler plant setpoint optimization.