Roosevelt Middle School – Eugene, Oregon




The Roosevelt Middle School is a new 97,000 sqft two story facility located in Eugene, Oregon.  It is the newest middle school within School District 4J.  The school consists of 28 classrooms, science labs, common area, music rooms, and two gyms. The HVAC system consists of an air cooled chiller and two condensing boilers that provide conditioned water to a two pipe distribution system that serves 54 air handlers – each equipped with economizer capability. Radiant floor heating is provided to the commons and main lobby of the school. Small split system units with economizers serve the needs of IT and electrical rooms. Lighting control in the school is provided through a combination of vacancy and occupancy sensors, along with photocells. Special systems that were commissioned included a rainwater harvesting and re-use system, solar thermal system, and solar photovoltaic system.


Solarc Energy Group (SEG) provided comprehensive commissioning services for the project.  SEG commissioning agent John Alberte was primarily responsible for executing commissioning tasks and working closely with the district project manager and project contractors.  Commissioning for the school was focused on verifying installation and operation of the HVAC equipment, HVAC controls I/O components and the lighting control system. Commissioning began at the early stages during construction and continued through warranty. Commissioning consisted of pre-functional and functional testing. SEG developed the pre-functional test forms while the Contractors filled them out. SEG also created the functional test forms and verified installation through site inspections and performing the functional tests. SEG provided a final commissioning report to the School District at the completion of commissioning.


Project Summary


School size:  97,000 sq.ft.

Total project cost: $42,000,000

Commissioning fee:  $75,000

Commissioning period duration:  3 months

Architects:  Robertson Sherwood Architects / Mahlum Architects

MEP:  PAE Consulting Engineers

General contractor:  John Hyland Construction