What is Retro-Commissioning?


Retro-Commissioning (ReCx) is the process of optimizing your building operations. The intent is to tune and repair the mechanical and electrical systems so they operate as effectively as possible resulting in energy savings and comfort improvement.  ReCx starts with planning where a “high-level” systems inspection can identify opportunity for system improvement.  A detailed diagnostics effort of the major systems – HVAC, Lighting, and Controls System – defines the specific opportunity details including savings potential and implementation cost.  Implementation of identified improvements can be done with internal resources or external service providers.  As improvements are implemented, verification procedures insure successful implementation.  Ongoing savings tracking provides an additional level of performance verification.  ReCx should result in a significant energy savings, improved occupant comfort, and reduced maintenance costs.  Overall return on investment typically is about a 1 year payback.


Re-Commissioning Value Proposition

Retro-Commissioning provides an opportunity for building owners to make a modest investment into their existing infrastructure and receive not only reduced energy cost but reduced maintenance cost and improved occupant comfort. The value proposition that ReCx provides includes the following:

  • Simple paybacks in the 0.5 to 1.5 year range.
  • Addition cost reduction due to electric and/or gas utility incentives
  • Average of 15% energy cost savings in typical buildings
  • Reduction of deferred systems maintenance
  • Improved occupant comfort due to correction of zone level HVAC and lighting control deficiencies      Increased knowledge for building operations personnel


Why SOLARC?    

  • Our team leadership is among the most knowledgeable and capable in the region with special expertise in healthcare and education.
  • Our cumulative experience exceeds 78 years among a close knit team of 6 individuals.
  • We use a systematic investigative process aimed at optimizing existing building operation, supported by empirical data collection using building DDC trending capability and/or our library of data-logging equipment.
  • We have extensive knowledge in both digital and pneumatic controls.
  • We cultivate a respectful team approach that includes owners, managers, building operators, and key external service providers.
  • We are a multi-disciplinary team with a breadth of knowledge and experience which allows us to adapt to a wide variety of projects.


Sample ReCx Measures

  • HVAC schedule optimization (system and zone-level)
  • VAV terminal unit air flow setpoint adjustments
  • Repair of malfunctioning dampers and valves
  • Optimization of VAV system duct static pressure setpoints
  • Optimization of system discharge air temperature control strategies
  • Adjust zonal occupancy sensor configuration parameters (on/off modes, time delay,sensitivity)