Biomedical Information & Communication Center – Oregon Health and Science University – Portland, Oregon


Energy Modeling / Energy Analysis


Biomedical Information & Communication Center (BICC) is a 6-story building located on the Terwilliger Campus of the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). The building was constructed in 1991 and is approximately 79,000 square feet (sq ft). BICC functions primarily as a library/study area with associated open and enclosed office spaces.


The energy analysis in the report focused on upgrades to the lighting and HVAC systems, due to the high energy savings potential in those systems.  The goal of the analysis was to identify and evaluate EEMs that:


  • Improve controllability of systems as well as occupant comfort.
  • Reduce energy use and related operating costs.
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs.
  • Improve and modernized building systems to facilitate future operation and maintenance activities and reduce the need for future system modernization.


Project Summary


Building size:  79,000 sq ft

Incremental annual electric energy savings: 781,227 kWh

Incremental annual natural gas energy savings: 57,524 Therms

Incremental annual energy savings: 8,419 MMBTU

Incremental annual energy cost savings: $83,110

Energy Trust of Oregon Incentive: $182,360


Energy Efficiency Strategies Identified and Implemented


  • HVAC controls upgrade and optimization of control sequences
  • Upgrade the heating water system to variable flow
  • Upgrade the chilled water system to variable flow
  • Retrofit the existing antiquated lighting with high performance lighting technology
  • Schedule domestic hot water pumping