Newport Aquatic Center – Newport, Oregon




The Newport Aquatics Center is a 20,700 addition to the existing City of Newport Community Recreation Center. The aquatics center is a single story building with mechanical rooms in the basement for boilers, chemical storage for swimming pool water treatment, and swimming pool water pumps and filtration system. Ventilation and temperature control is provided by an air handler (AHU-1) that serves the natatorium, while a Heat Recovery Unit (HRU-1) serves the locker rooms.  Heating for the HVAC system and the swimming pools is provided through two condensing boilers and a primary/secondary hydronic loop that serves the heating coils for AHU-1, HRU-1, and three plate and frame heat exchangers that serve the three swimming pools. No mechanical cooling is provided for the aquatics center.


Lighting control for the aquatics center is provided through a programmable lighting control panel, local occupancy sensor and manual switches. Lighting for the natatorium, locker rooms and exterior lighting is controlled through the programmable lighting control panel while the basement mechanical rooms lighting is controlled through occupancy sensors and manual switches.


SOLARC Energy Group (SEG) was retaining as commissioning agent for the project.  The focus of commissioning was on the systems described above.  SEG commissioning agent John Alberte executed the commissioning work that included extensive on-site problem resolution work.  Basic tasks included: (1) commissioning specifications and plan, (2) submittal reviews, (3) development of start-up and functional test procedures, (4) start-up review and witnessing, (5) ongoing communication of commissioning issues requiring resolution, (6)  execution of functional tests, (7) continuing involvement to insure issues resolution, and (8) final reporting and documentation


Project Summary


• Project size:  20,700 sq.ft.

• Building type: Public Aquatic Center

• Project type: New Addition

• Systems commissioned:  HVAC, lighting, controls


Major Outcomes and Benefits


The HVAC system experienced multiple problems during start-up and initial operation that were serious and would not have been successfully resolved without the involvement of commissioning agent Alberte.