McKay Dee Hospital – Ogden, Utah


Strategic Energy Management / Re-commissioning


McKay Dee Hospital is part of Intermountain Health Care (IHC).  IHC is committed to ongoing reduction of energy costs.  Solarc Energy Group led this comprehensive Strategic Energy Management (SEM) effort that reduced overall energy use by 8%. This team effort involved Solarc’s on-site experts, Rocky Mountain Power’s SEM team, the hospital’s internal facilities staff, key external service providers, and IHC’s energy management team.  Work focused on operating improvements to the hospital’s mechanical and electrical systems in a comprehensive and systematic way.  SEM duration was 24 months, starting with a detailed diagnostics effort and concluding with a final savings verification and persistence planning effort.


Project Summary


Hospital size:  750,000 sq.ft.

Verified annual electric energy savings: 2,066,000 kWh

Annual electric cost savings: $138,000

Percentage electrical use reduction: 8%

Utility incentive: $63,000

External implementation cost (controls work): $90,000


SEM Measures Implemented to Save Energy


  • Optimize temperature and pressure reset controls in air handling units
  • Add and/or optimize schedules to selected air handling units
  • Repair malfunctioning reheat valves and VAV terminal units
  • Increase chilled water enable setpoint
  • Optimize chilled water reset schedule
  • Repair mixed air damper actuators
  • Re-plumb surgery unit chilled water coil
  • Re-commissioning economizer controls and minimum ventilation capability for Childcare HVAC
  • Repair chiller with refrigerant leak
  • Upgrade cooling tower water distribution
  • Repair and re-calibrate flow meter