Lane Community College Downtown Campus – Lane Community College – Eugene, Oregon


Energy Modeling, Analysis, and Design Assistance


The Lane Community College (LCC) Downtown Campus, located in Eugene, Oregon, is an 188,000 sq.ft. mixed use facility consisting of two buildings.  The Academic Building (101,000 sq.ft.) provides educational space for LCC, office space for Lane Small Business Development and retail space for the Lane Store.  The Residential Building (87,000 sq.ft) provides student housing. The project represents the commitment made by LCC to environmentally-responsive design with a special focus on energy efficiency.  The $55 million project includes a state-of-the-art LEED Platinum Academic Building serving nearly three times the number of students than the former downtown site. The Academic Building opened in January 2013. The downtown campus also includes a LEED Gold student housing complex that accommodates 256 residents. The Residential Building opening in September, 2012.


Solarc worked closely with SRG Partnership, Robertson Sherwood Architects, and the University of Oregon’s Integrated Design Lab providing integrated design assistance to deliver an ultra-energy efficient design that would meet the project’s budget requirements. Solarc used a whole building energy modeling software (eQuest/DOE2). Deliverables included results of loads, and energy models performed to support and inform the emergent design concepts. In addition, eQuest/DOE2 was used to model the design for LEED energy credits, and incentive applications.


Project Summary


Building size:  187,920 sq.ft.

Energy Performance:  Academic Building – 63% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2007

Energy Performance: Residential Building – 40% better than ASJRAE 90/1-2007

LEED Certification:   Academic Building – Platinum

LEED Certification: Residential Building – Gold

Academic Building EUI:  26 kBtu/SF-year


Energy Efficiency Strategies Identified and Implemented


• Improved envelope

• High efficiency interior lighting system design

• Reduced plug-load

• Academic Building HVAC

  • Dedicated outside air system with high effectiveness heat recovery
  • Ground-source heat pump system with high efficiency natural gas peak-shaving boilers
  • Central water-to-water heat pump
  • Night flush cooling

• Residential Building HVAC

  • Air source heat pump with supplemental 1 kW electric resistance duct heaters
  • High efficiency (95%) gas water heaters with supplemental solar water heating system

• Hot water low-flow  fixtures

• Photo-voltaic array