Eugene Office


Kai Cunningham has been with Solarc Energy Group since 2006 and is a primary energy analyst.  His energy experience ranges from drawing review and site auditing all the way through post occupancy measurement and verification energy studies, and includes everything in between.  Kai has worked with almost every commercial and residential building type, but his primary focus has been on health care facilities, higher education buildings, and scientific laboratories.  He is proficient at identifying, and estimating savings and costs associated with, opportunities for implementing different types of energy efficiency measures in buildings of all types.  This includes operations and maintenance, retro-commissioning, and capital improvement measure types.


Kai is an accomplished energy modeler, using DOE2.2/eQuest energy modeling software to perform load calculations, provide design assistance, and to verify energy use and the effects of efficiency measure inclusion for documentation in conjunction with LEED, SEED, and utility incentive programs.  His energy modeling experience includes all types of commercial and residential buildings.


Kai engages in a significant amount of peer review for tools produced by utilities for use by their consultants when working with customers through their demand-side management programs, identifying any issues, assuring that the tools operate as intended, and providing feedback and recommendations on tool features.


Kai provides design support through proficiency with AutoCAD for drafting, with the ability to produce stamp-ready drawings for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical disciplines. He also balances his professional workload with teaching an Energy Investment Analysis class in the Energy Management Program at Lane Community College.