Salt Lake City Office


Ezra joined the Solarc team in early 2017 as an energy analyst.   He is a graduate of Salt Lake Community College’s (SLCC) Energy Management degree program. During his previous employment as Energy Manager for SLCC Ezra designed and developed a comprehensive energy information system (EIS) to enhance the visibility of the use and cost of energy within the college's operations. This included analytics software overlaid on the existing building automation system which compared equipment historical trend data to programmed operating “rules” resulting in automatic fault detection.  He was responsible for pushing a successful initiative to create a revolving energy fund that captured energy cost savings and incentives and reinvested them into additional energy efficiency projects.  His project experience in higher education facilities includes building/campus retro-commissioning, lighting retrofits, data logger installation, sub metering and tenant billing, utility incentives, as well as occupant outreach. Since joining Solarc. Ezra has worked on numerous energy projects for government, office buildings, hospitals, and higher education. These have consisted of both existing buildings as well as design/new construction.