Energy Education


Many Solarc staff members have engaged in energy education activities in multiple project forums.  Most staff members have been instructors in Lane Community College’s Energy Management Program (LCC EMP.) Mike Hatten, especially, has been a leader in numerous energy education engagements including:


  • Ongoing professional training to engineers, architects, and energy analysts
  • Energy modeling training and instruction
  • International hands-on energy efficiency training seminars (China, Argentina, Middle East)
  • Classroom instruction within organized college curricula
  • Numerous lectures, presentations, and project-specific training sessions.


Hatten’s breadth of experience in commercial building energy efficiency projects and his preference for “hands-on” practical training has aligned with philosophy at the LCC EMP, and has been the basis for many of his training engagements.  These include the following recent engagements (in 2017).


  • Energy modeling and integrated design training:  Twelve half-day training sessions with the University of Washington Integrated Design Lab – 2017.  Sponsored by Seattle City Light.
  • The Power of Hourly Reporting:  Making the Value Proposition for Energy Modeling – Building Simulation User Group May 2017 Lecture – Boise, ID.
  • Lecture - Campus Impact: Comfort + Energy, University of Oregon Dept. of Architecture.
  • Training Worksession:  Energy Savings Tracking and Verification, Intermountain Healthcare. Salt Lake City, UT.


Solarc undertakes energy education engagements in a variety of agreement forms that include fee-based compensation structures and pro bono engagements, dependent on the nature of the education effort involved.