Commissioning with Solarc


SOLARC’s approach to commissioning is flexible and comprehensive. Our goal is to integrate with the project team and make efficient use of everyone’s time and resources while completing a thorough and complete commissioning effort.  Commissioning is a quality assurance process for the installation and performance of systems in a building. We begin with development of a Commissioning Plan that includes a detailed outline of the commissioning process, schedules, project participants and their roles and responsibilities. We review information provided by the architect, engineers and contractors to ensure integrity of design intent. We coordinate with the construction team to develop and execute performance verification tests. The intensity of the tests and verification of the equipment being commissioned is adjusted to match the level of complexity and the criticality of the systems. We document the process result with ongoing commissioning issues logs, memoranda, and reports.


Solarc’s Commissioning Staff Experience

SOLARC’s commissioning staff is skilled at commissioning a variety of systems including:


  • Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems for building HVAC
  • Air Handling Units, including controlled devices and subcomponents
  • HVAC terminal units, including any overhead VAV terminal units, unit heaters, and other zonal equipment(including chilled beams and radiant floors)
  • Chiller plants, including controlled devices and systems (chiller, pumps, condenser fans, etc.)
  • Heating plants, including boilers, pumps and heat exchangers
  • Portable water heating systems, including solar thermal systems
  • Lighting controls, including light level dimming, central programmable systems, and distributed components (occupancy sensors)


Recent Commissioning Projects

• Roosevelt Middle School

  •  97,000 sqft New Middle School

• Hillsboro Public Works Facility

  •  62,300 sqft New Facilities Maintenance Complex

• Newport Aquatics Center

  •  20,700 sqft Addition to the Newport Aquatic Center

• Roseburg Armory

  •  20,000 sqft New Military Facility