Central Linn Elementary School – Halsey, Oregon


Mechanical Design / Retro-Commissioning / Commissioning


Central Linn Elementary School is a small K-5 school located in the rural town of Halsey, Oregon.  Originally constructed in an initial phase in 1936, the school was expanded in 1976.  As part of the 1976 project, a groundwater heat pumping system (low temperature) was installed along with PVC piping and distributed two-pipe fan coils.  Eventually, the heat pump (heat recovery chiller) was replaced with a gas-fired hot water boiler.  A targeted energy audit was conducted in 2012 as an update to an initial SB 1149 audit conducted in 2004.  As a result of the targeted audit, a number of heating system improvements were identified and implemented largely driven by the new superintendent’s concern for imminent heating system failure. Improvements identified in the targeted audit that were pursued by the district included:


  • New gas-fired efficient heat generation (Elementary School)
  • HVAC system re-commissioning (High School) Solarc took the lead in assisting the school district from beginning to end on this project.


Solarc conducted the targeted audit of both elementary school and high school, executed the pneumatic controls re-commissioning, and designed the heating water replacement system. Solarc also provided project oversight and commissioning on all new equipment installed. In tandem with new equipment installation Solarc provided hands-on ReCx of the systems in the high school intended to remain, working directly with a local service contractors in repairing and improving heat recovery heat exchangers, exhaust fans, heating coils, pumps, and hydronic accessories.


Project Summary


School size:  70,364 sq. ft. (elementary school only)

Implementation cost: $464,000

Annual energy cost savings:  $32,260


Scope of Improvements Incorporated into the Elementary School Design


  • Addition of (4) distributed modular condensing boilers.
  • New condensing gas furnaces with local programmable thermostats.
  • New vertical fan coil units with electric thermostats.
  • Repair and retrofit of existing horizontal fan coil units.
  • Repair and retrofit of (2) existing heating and ventilating units in gymnasium area.
  • Comprehensive pneumatic thermostat repair replacement and calibration.
  • Repair of compromised pneumatic distribution system.
  • Aggressive unit scheduling with local override switches for sporadic off hours occupancy.
  • Repair of existing heat recovery unit serving the heating and ventilation systems.
  • Repair and reprogramming of existing paragon EC128 timeclock.