Central Kitchen, University of Oregon – Eugene, Oregon


Energy Modeling


The University of Oregon Central Kitchen, located in Eugene, Oregon, is approximately 21,000 square feet of new construction that accommodates kitchen and catering services (previously located in Carson and Bean Halls), and woodshop space previously located throughout University Housing facilities. The kitchen facility provides space for food preparation and distribution to the food services within the University Housing’s residence halls and for catered meals provided by University Catering across the campus, and includes significant refrigerated spaces – both low temperature and medium temperature. The woodshop facility includes conventional woodworking equipment used for repair of damaged and broken furniture.


SOLARC was engaged by the University of Oregon (UO) to provide energy modeling and efficiency consulting to support design phase energy efficiency strategy development, and to ultimately identify design energy performance.  Energy performance was tracked for LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 and for adherence to the UO’s Advanced Energy Threshold (defined as 35% more efficient that the Oregon Energy Code requirements.)  Ultimately, SOLARC was tasked with verifying energy performance using Option D of the IPMVP.  Due to lack of permanent sub-metering, this involved updating of the Measurement and Verification plan, installation of portable data-logging, and calibration of an as-built, as-operated model around a single month of actual data. This work is ongoing as of June 2017.


Project Summary


  • Building size: 21,000 sq.ft.
  • Energy Performance: Targeting 35% more efficient than the 2014 Oregon Energy Code (currently tracking at 32.6%).
  • Targeted LEED Certification: Gold


Energy Efficiency Strategies Identified and Implemented


  • Increased roof and above-grade walls
  • High efficiency interior and exterior lighting system designs (reduced lighting power)
  • High-efficiency air-source heat pump units with variable-speed compressors, variable speed fans, and dual fuel supplemental heating
  • High efficiency gas furnace for woodshop
  • Variable speed kitchen hood exhaust and make-up air system, with evaporative cooling
  • Efficient refrigeration systems (improved insulation and premium efficiency fan motors)
  • Energy Star reach-in refrigerators, fryer system, dishwasher, and ice maker
  • Refrigeration heat recovery (to pre-heat potable hot water)
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures and low flow dishwasher
  • High efficiency instantaneous gas-fired water heaters